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Olucaro | The Dashboard you were looking for

The Dashboard you were looking for

Share and manage your dashboards and business indicators, from any device easily

All your business

in the palm of your hand

Visual Dashboard

Olucaro's dashboards provide graphical elements to identificate intuitively by colors the evolution of the more outstanding objetives and indicators of your business.

Based on Balanced scorecard (BSC)

Based on the newest methodology to represent and measure all the activities of a company, in terms of vision and strategy. Olucaro Dashboard provides a global view of business performance for managers.

Import / Export (EXCEL)

The dashboards could be exported to excel format for their explotation in other systems, and you can update your dashboards using autogenerated excel templates to ease massive updates of data.

Online chat and Notifications

Olucaro has an online private chat and a notification system that improves the comunication amongs people involved in the management of the indicators.


The administrator of the dashboard can share any objetive or indicator from the dashboard with different users. You can also asign a responsible to update the data of the indicators, saving time and easing collaborative work.

Documentary Repository

Olucaro can attach and share documents of any kind and relate them to the indicators of the Dashboard, easing the access, guaranting that all users manage the same information and ensuring the consistency of the data and the indicators used.

What is Olucaro?

Olucaro dashboard is a tool designed for any kind of company which wants to create and manage the dashboards of its business. Based on the methodology of "Balanced scorecard", Olucaro allows you to represent graphically every objetive and indicator of your business organized by areas. With only one click, and no need of previous knowledge,you can control all the processes (finances, comercial, operations, human resources...) and share their information with your collaborators from any device.

  • Visual Dashboard
  • Based on "Balanced Scorecard"
  • Access from any device
  • Import and Export from/to Excel
  • Online Chat
  • Share Documents
  • Notifications

Learn how to use Olucaro

Cómo crear un dashboard

Sincronización con Excel

Compartir un dashboard

Editar un dashboard

Análisis de información


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